Our experience and research shows that States have substantial leeway when itcomes to sales tax administration. This flexibility gives states the freedom to create obscure sales tax rules and laws.  STS simplifies the complex process of filing sales tax returns and remitting payments that cater to your state and locality’s specified rules. Let STS do the heavy lifting and take the stress away, so that you have more time to provide your products and services. Our state-of- the art process allows returns to transactional data from your commerce or accounting platform and automatically prepares your paper or electronic returns in minutes.

About Us

Sales Tax Solutions was created in 2017 to support business owners in the complex process of sales tax. Our sales tax consulting services focus on supporting companies in eliminating tax debt in all states and streamlining their organizational development and financial structure.Our mission is simple – be an asset to our clients by providing first-class sales tax preparation at competitive prices.Since 2009, STS has leveraged its resources and industry prowess to provide extensive financial services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce retailers. Our industry experts provide a wealth of knowledge in sales tax preparation and customized return preparation, which saves businesses time and money when filing sales, use, and IFTA taxes.STS specializes in e-commerce retailers with multipart sales tax management and compliance needs.

What we do
Worry-free returns

Two-step process automatically imports your transactional and tax data; allowing us to quickly prepare and submit forms and payments with ease to each taxing entity.

Scalable filing

Rapid and customized compliance. Returns are processed and stored based on individual jurisdiction requirements of various state and local agencies (e-file, paper copy) for all companies.

One payment

Provide a single payment to Sales Tax Solutions and we distribute multiple payments and returns to each state and locality in a timely manner through secure portals.

Notice management

We establish a schedule to respond and take action on notices.

our Advantages

Industry experts and former sales tax auditors


Business registration in all states


Notice resolutions

True copies

True copies of sales tax returns

Filing in all states

Rapid response times

Unlimited access

Unlimited access to our specialist


Eliminate software integration


Our single payment process allows us to file returns and manage payments – worry free. Simply submit your payment to Sales Tax Solutions for your entire tax liability and we take care of the rest.Our customer commitment is to provide Fortune 500 expertise and technology at
competitive prices for the entrepreneurial e-commerce retailing industry. Please see our base pricing below: 

Sales Tax Compliance Services* - $99 per month + $29 per return in each
filing month. 

Sales Tax Registration Services - $49 per registration. 

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Services - As low as $500
per application. 

Individual Income Tax Preparation Services— Contact us for customized

Bookkeeping Services— Contact us for customized pricing.
*Includes unlimited phone consultation and bookkeeping coaching.